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The Turning Point
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Site Credits:
The People Who Made This Site Possible.

Below are a list of people who contributed their time and talents to making this website possible. It has definitely been a team effort.

Goodloe Byron. Goodloe designed the AcuPUNKture logo. His artistic talent accurately captured the vibe and personality of the clinic in a single image. His contribution is the centerpiece of our branding and he has left us very grateful. [Facebook] [Website]

Mitch Dowell / Branding Experiences. Mitch took what Goodloe designed and built our visual story around it, including designing our website and a variety of other branding pieces for us. [Facebook] [Website]

Jonathan Colborn. Jonathan took the majority of the photos during our July 2012 photo shoot at the clinic - all with a simple iPhone 4S and a couple of adaptable lens. He captured some incredible shots, from a variety of creative angles, and captured the spirit and the vibe of the clinic that we needed to convey. Jonathan also made the fun AcuPUNKture sidewalk sign that you've probably seen out on Patrick Street :-)

Mike Nunez / Saddlebrook Studio. Mike made his recording studio available to us, allowing The Turning Point to capture our client's audio testimonials with crystal-clear sound quality. His expertise was incredibly helpful and he made our clients feel right at home in the studio.

Andy Wegman. Andy wrote the book, “Why Did You Put That Needle There?” and gave permission for its content to be used freely on our website. His book is available for purchase from our store. You can also read it in the clinic’s reception area, view it in its entirety here, or listen to him read it on our “Acupuncture Newbie Guide” page.

Judy Jandora. Judy’s beautiful paintings adorn our walls and can be seen in many of the photos that Jonathan took. All of her artwork is for sale, and she will create murals, design, or art to suit individual needs. [Website]

Jackie Cutler / Media Awakenings. Jackie created the 8-minute video featured on our About Us page. Jackie approached Jessica and offered to make a video which would tell the story of community acupuncture, to help more people learn about our services. She then went a step further and designed it so that it could be used by any community acupuncture clinic, anywhere in the world. It was recorded here at Frederick’s The Turning Point and at Hagerstown’s SUFI Community Acupuncture in 2010, and is now embedded on the websites of hundreds of community acupuncture clinics. [Website]

Brian Lindstrom / Lindstrom Films. Brian Lindstrom. Brian created the documentary that is featured here. Brian generously shared his time and talents with the Community Acupuncture Network and POCA to bring this 35-minute film to completion in 2011. Brian travelled across the country to bring footage from clinics like ours to the big screen, in yet another effort to re-tell the story of Who Gets Acupuncture and How It Is Received. [Website]

Thank you to all of the people in our community who have participated in the creation of the clinic and this website by offering their stories for our testimonial page and posing for photographs. Thank you to those who help maintain and enhance our beautiful space by donating plants, fountains, blankets, artwork; gifting the fish and their tank, cleaning and repairing our rooms, sewing pillows and making signs, sharing time and treasures. Thank you to those who help build our community by telling friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors about The Turning Point. Thank you to those who show-up in our chairs week after week, year in and out.


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