Learn The Lingo

In the community acupuncture world, we have our own way of talking, so there’s some lingo that you might want to pick up on. Here’s a quick primer to get you started (in alphabetical order)…

acudate [ack-u-dayt] noun. Cheaper than a movie, cozier than a coffee shop, more original than dinner and drinks. You can even tell your friends you “slept together” on the first night.    Example Sentence

aculand [ack-u-land] noun. A somewhat dazed, blissfully relaxed state. Hard to put into words. Hopefully this visual will help [spotted on Working Class Acupuncture’s Yelp page, courtesy of one of their patients].

aculunch [ack-u-lunch] noun. The mechanism which enables you to leave the workplace in a state of stressed-out frenzy and return with a come-what-may attitude that soothes everyone around you.

acunap [ack-u-nap] noun. The sleepy state of pure bliss knowing that you’re doing your mind and body good through a proven, ancient approach to personal healing. Also known as, “Naptime for Grownups”, as seen here

acunomics [ack-yoo-nom-icks] noun. the social science concerned with the rapidly growing demographic of individuals who receive acupuncture regularly and their financial freedom associated with their minimal healthcare costs. More on this topic from NPR, New York Times, and Utne Reader.

boutique acupuncture [boo-teek ack-yoo-punk-sure] noun. Refers to “standard”, private, or “conventional” treatments [More on this topic from POCA]

meridian [mer-id-eee-ann] noun. A traditional oriental medicine term for each of the 20 pathways throughout the body for the flow of qi accessed through acupuncture points.

machopuncture [mah-cho-punk-sure] noun. The trend in which more men receive more acupuncture in a community clinic than in a boutique setting. [More on this topic from POCA]

mutherpunker [muhth-er-punk-er] noun. The term commonly used to describe the maternal variety of acupuncturists, often faced with unique challenges that only such a career/life combination could provide. Example Sentence

naptivist [nap-tiv-ist] noun. Activists who zealously champion for a grown-up’s right to nap without interruption. [More on this topic from POCA]

needling [nee-duh-ling] verb. The act of poking one’s health problems, illnesses and injuries into total oblivion. Example Sentence

pediapuncture [pee-dee-uh-punk-sure] noun. When youngsters are exposed to community acupuncture by tagging along with a grown-up who’s receiving it, witnesses a room of peacefully slumbering napsters, and then requests to try it for themselves, thereby discovering that this is a healthcare tool which they like and will use for the rest of their lives. [More on this topic from POCA]

peeking [pee-king] verb. The innocent act that a patient performs by slightly opening one eye during their session to sneak a quick peek at the room. Upon noticing that the other patients in the room are deep in their zones, the peeker usually closes their eye and refocuses on their own experience.

poking [poh-king] noun. An acupuncture session. Example Sentence

punk [punk] noun. A person schooled and skilled in the practice of gently poking people painlessly with needles, often followed by marked improvement in mind, body and soul (a recent spotting). Also referred to as a “prickster.”

punking [punk-ing] verb. The physical act of providing acupuncture. Can also be used as a noun or adjective in certain conversational situations.

qi [chee] noun. Often described as the “circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much ancient philosophy and medicine.” It’s also a fun word to say. Example Sentence

side effects [sahyd-eff-ex] noun. The unintended consequences of acupuncture; while not life-threatening, they should not be overlooked. Side effects occur frequently and can seriously impact on your quality of life. [More from AcuTake.]

snoreasarus [snoor-uh-sore-us] noun. One in deep acu-sleep, known for letting out spontaneous audible sounds of comfort. Often coarse, resembling a sawblade, however completely harmless.

stabbed [stabbed] stative verb. The state of being after a stabbing. Example Sentence

stabbing [sta-bing] noun. See “poking.”

stuck [stuhck] noun. The state of being while receiving acupuncture. Example Sentence
trickling [trick-uh-ling] noun. A mellow and relaxing background sound you might hear if we have one of the tabletop fountains turned on.

wake time [weyke-tahym] noun. The time you need to be awoken should you fall asleep during our session. This is often asked at the beginning of each session.

Social Media Hashtags

#DevaluingTheProfession a rally cry by acu-activists to increase accessibility of acupuncture. See Example

#BreakingBarriers Shattering the ceiling with volume of people poked, percentage of community helped, quantity of conditions treated , number of jobs created, new cities served Example #1, Example #2.

#HappyMayDay Community Acupuncture is offered for free annually on May Day, in observation of International Worker’s Day.  See Example

Did we miss any? Please let us know.