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“MAJOR Thank You, Jessica! Rode the motorcycle to the farmers market this morning and my shoulder survived! Every session has just helped it to heal more and more.”

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Best of the Best

It’s an honor to have been named one of our city’s best, for the second year in a row. Thanks Frederick!

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Speaker Requests

Is your local civic, support, or educational group interested in learning more about acupuncture? Jessica may be able to help. Send a message to or call 240-405-7878. Please include the type of group you represent and the date/time for which a speaker is sought.

10 Year Citation

The Maryland General Assembly recently honored The Turning Point with a Citation recognizing our 10 year commitment to providing affordable healthcare in Frederick. Thank you to Senator Ron Young, who issued it. Thank you to everyone who has supported this clinic along the way. It is an honor and a privilege to serve this community.


Donate for a Chance to Win!

Bring in a donation (food or financial) for Frederick’s Blessings in a Backpack and you’ll be entered in our monthly drawing to win a FREE acupuncture visit! Accepted food items are limited to:

  • Rice-a-Rone CUPS ONLY…Chicken
  • Mac & Cheese…(7.25 oz) box…NO MICRO CUPS
  • Chef Boyardee Ravioli (15 oz cans)…NO MICRO CUPS
  • CANS of Tuna Fish…NO packs or boxes
  • Single-Serve Instant Oatmeal packets
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (old-fashioned, regular size)
  • 2 bars/pkg Oats & Honey Granola bars…NO peanut bars
  • Individual CUPS of Fruit, Applesauce or Pudding…NO squeeze packs
  • Corn, Green Beans, Red Kidney Beans, or Black Beans (15 oz cans)
  • Raman Noodles…cello packs…NO MICRO CUPS

Because hunger doesn’t take weekends off.

FREE & Low-Cost Services

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In addition to our affordable community acupuncture, Frederick County offers lots of free or low-cost resources to nurture your body, mind, and soul. Take a peek at our Resources page to see what you’ve been missing out on!

We’ve simplified our fees.

You spoke. We listened. The sliding scale was too confusing for you. And it was no longer working for us. So we’ve streamlined our fee structure: simple, affordable prices, all the time. Plus, 10-punch-cards are now available at the low price of $150, year-round.

  • $20  =  Acupuncture
  • $35   =   First Visit
  • $150 =   10-Punch-Card … just $15/visit!
  • $10   =   Kids under 10
  • FREE on your Birthday!!!

New Patient Special

We’re offering a special two-week pass of unlimited acupuncture to new patients only. Cost of pass is $75 and must be purchased at time of first visit. Acu-pass cannot be shared with friends or family. Walk-in appointments cannot be guaranteed; scheduled appointment are highly recommended. Call 240-405-7878 for details or to schedule your appointment.

Eleanor Justice’s Art

We are delighted this month to showcase the work of Eleanor Justice, a York-based artist and activist whose work is deeply inspired by spiritual serendipity. Themes of connection, especially with Ancestors, the Earth, and the Divine, are expressed in mixed-media assemblages created with semi-precious stones, handmade papers, meaningful elements of nature, and precious objects from the artist’s mother’s studio and altar.

eleanor art

If you look closely, you may notice a small silver thread in many of her pieces. Here’s why: “Each one of us is born carrying a Silver Thread that runs from our life straight back to the heart of our Creator. No one has ever carried that particular thread before, and no one will ever carry that particular thread again. Only you will ever carry your thread, only I will ever carry mine. These threads are what weave this huge, timeless tapestry we’re part of, far too great for us to perceive while we’re walking the Earth. We can’t even look an inch to the left and say, ‘That person is not weaving fast enough,’ or to the right and say, ‘That person is not weaving evenly.’ The only thread we can weave with is our own. Some of your ancestors’ threads are woven into yours, those with whom you have some particular affiliation. Different ancestors must work with different people in the same family — otherwise, siblings would be much more alike than they are. As you come to know those ancestors, you can understand more about what you came here to do. This understanding is more of the Heart than of the Mind. Do the Work and trust the Process. If we wait to do everything until we know what it is, none of us would ever have learned to walk.” ~ Worth Cooley-Prost

FREE Birthday Pokes

Acupuncture is a great way to reset your system for the upcoming year. Take a few minutes to nurture yourself on your birthday. And remember to tell a friend or loved one on theirs! Book your birthday appointment by calling 240-405-7878 or scheduling online.

Val-Pak Coupons

It’s recently come to our attention that Val-Pak coupons are delivered disporportionately to higher income homes, leaving people who might most benefit from discounted pricing out of the deal. If you do not want to use ythe Val-Pak coupons you receive in your mailbox, please bring them into our clinic. We are working with local agencies to redistribute among those in need.


New Sign

Thank you to Jennifer Leader Anderson at A Gust of Wind Boutique who designed and made a new sign for the clinic’s reception room, per our request.



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